Lures Giveaway Info & Rules.

Click Here to learn how to receive Lures, scroll to bottom page.

In order to ensure yourself a 2nd time and more Lures Rankings u might have to delete old pictures and videos. Upload your new pictures and videos to receive new Lures.

Please do not upload your old deleted pictures or videos, let's keep this site fresh, new and exciting.

Once you have redeemed your 600 Lures we will issue you 20 start up Lures to activate your new Lure Rankings.

If you have over 600 Lures when Redeeming we will add them to your new Lure Ranking.

Click Here and send message to Redeem your 600 Lures for Giveaway Products.

Lures Giveaway Products comming soon.

BC Angler is seeking product sponsores , Please Contact Us for more info.